What Can You Tell Me About This Amazing Prototype?

Let’s introduce Google Chauffeur which is the software developed by Google and installed on their google car. The self driving prototypes depend on numerous sensors and this software to operate without a driver. A former director of The Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory co inventor of Street View, Sebastian Thrun, has his team at Stanford, who developed the system: There were fifteen engineers working on this prototype, and some of which had worked on the DARPA Grand and Urban Challenges. These master minds correlated their ideas to make build the first of its kind, self driving vehicle. Chris Urmson, Anthony Levandowski and Mike Montemerlo worked with Sebastian Thrun to correlate their master minds to the same page of this blueprint of a self driving car.

Vehicles like the Lexus SUVs were the first to benefit by the push button components. As the team designed their prototype from the first bolt and decided exactly what would go into the self driving vehicle. By removing the temptation to grab the steering wheel or step on the pedals, allowed a seat on the driver’s side to be like the passenger side. They designed a complete self driving vehicle that allowed the sensors and the installed software to operate the vehicle.


What Does A Driver-less Car Need To Operate

As noted before, some of these prototypes have been used on other vehicles before engaging on this blueprint of a self driving vehicle. Like the push button starting, backup cameras you see on vehicles at this time. This is a list of factors to consider when building this driver-less vehicle:


  • Sensors, Lasers, Radars that go in all directions
  • Cameras that detect objects in all directions
  • Electric batteries to power the vehicle
  • A rounded shape dome to allow the sensor a full view
  • Computers designed especially for self driving
  • Computer software to use the back up cameras and systems
  • Computer software that would steer, brake and compute as needed


So Tell Me Again, How Does It Do This

The software on the computer in the vehicle is constantly processing its location to always know where it’s located. This amazing vehicle not only processes its location but detects all objects that is around it. It’s then the software determines what type of object it is and the movement and shape.

In other words it can tell if you’re on a bike or walking. It detects the shape and location of object. It knows if there’s another vehicle or motorcycle by the shape and movement pattern. There are sensors that are constantly monitoring, and the radar and lasers are doing the same.

The vehicle actually knows more about its surroundings than humans can detect. When the sensors detect an object, makes a decision of what the object is, it predicts what it could do next and slows down or stops according to its determination. The software can determine what street the vehicle is on and has been tested thoroughly on complicated scenarios in the city.


Driver-less Vehicles Were Predicted In 1939

The self driving vehicle has been in thought since 1939, when it was predicted at a New York World’s Fair. It became competition in the years of 2000 by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – DARPA – where teams could meet and demonstrate their knowledge of self driving vehicles. This particular project, the google car started to evolve in 2009 and with amazing progress to become a reality. Dedicated teams had begun the investment of research for years before it actually took off.